“True Blood” mini-cap 3.4: “9 Crimes”


Bill finally calls things off with Sookie quite literally. He rings her up, Lorena still in his bed, and tells her he is not coming back to Bon Temps and he is so over her.

Sookie, of course, is devastated.

She’s still at Alcide’s in Jackson, where he makes himself comfortable by walking around shirtless, as all werewolves do. The male ones, at least.

Sookie doesn’t believe that Bill is being honest with her. She thinks he’s in trouble, even when Alcide gives her advice:

Alcide: All I know is, no matter how well you think you know somebody, they can still turn around kick you right in the nutsack.

Sookie: I don’t have a nutsack.


Alcide just thinks Sookie’s naive because Bill’s her first real boyfriend. He pulls her into a hug and Sookie comments on how warm he is. "It’s a were thing; we run hot," he says. Then he decides to put on a shirt.

Back in Bon Temps, Sam finds his family is living in a van down by the river in Merlotte’s parking lot. He knocks on the door and his mom says they have nowhere to go. Sam has to tell her Tommy tried to break into his safe, but his poor mama just wants everyone to get along and promises they’ll be gone as soon as Tommy returns from beating himself up.

Tara, meanwhile, is still glamoured by Franklin and shares everything she knows about Bill and Sookie. She gets all googley-eyed when talking about Jason and how she used to be in love with him and Franklin says he’s getting jealous. He’s such a creep.

He makes her call Sookie by dictating her side of the conversation, trying to find out where Sookie is.

But when Sookie refuses, saying she is just upset about Bill and needs to sleep, Tara breaks out of her glamour and freaks out. Franklin pins her up against the wall and bites her neck. She definitely didn’t want him to this time, which is obviously why he went for it.

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