“Dexter” gets a hot cop and a cool nanny


Ausiello tipped us off to a new cast member for Dexter and if you are a fan of Freedom Writers, you may recognize her as Eva.

April Lee Hernandez will play a “tough, smart police officer driven by her hard upbringing,” probably in the same homicide unit as Dexter.

Hernandez likely is the last casting addition for the new season of Dexter, joining Julia Stiles, Shawn Hatosy and Maria Doyle Kennedy. Hatosy is set to play the newest big bad and Kennedy, whom you may remember from Tudors, will play an Irish nanny who helps Dex (Michael C. Hall) take care of Astor and Cody.

(Slight spoilers ahead.)

We also learned more about Rita’s return from Julie Benz. E!Online talked to Benz and was assured that Rita will not return as a ghost. “The writers would never do something so cheesy,” she said. “I am not going to confirm or deny anything, but if she does come back, it would be to move things along.”

E! also talked to Jennifer Carpenter, Hall’s wife IRL and Dexter’s sister Deb on the show. Despite the fact that the show picks up immediately after Rita’s gruesome murder, the series’ usual dark humor will not be MIA. “What’s funny is that even in the face of tragedy [of Rita’s death], there’s still room to laugh with our show,” Carpenter says. “That’s why people can stomach it, because as bloody as it gets, they make you laugh two seconds later.”

Still no word on Stiles’ role, although the casting of a nanny and a cop eliminates a couple of possibilities.

I still like the idea of her being a therapist of some kind, since that could mean she’d find out about Dexter’s hobby. Surely, someone will learn his secret this season. (I know, I know: Don’t call you Shirley.)

Any thoughts about the new Dexter cast?

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