Streaming “South of Nowhere”: Season One, Episode Three (“Friends, Lovers, Brothers & Others”)


This week we’ll begin taking a stroll down teen lesbian love memory lane as we begin steaming the series South of Nowhere in its entirety. Each day, Monday through Friday, we’ll stream a new episode until we’ve made our way through all three seasons.

Today, we have episode three, “Friends, Lovers, Brothers, & Others,” in which
Ashley’s estranged rock-star father, Raife Davies comes to town to see her play at the local club. Aiden and Spencer are there to support her, but end up getting a little frisky with each other. Naturally, Ashley gets jealous.

Unfortunately, but we can only stream this show on for domestic readers. Apologies to our international readers, we would love to stream it for you too but we weren’t able to secure international rights for this show.

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