Oops, is “Glee” going Madonna (and maybe Britney) again?


I think even the most cynical and cranky among us can concede that the “Power of Madonna” episode of Glee last week was pretty freaking fantastic. Costumes! Stilts! Virginity!

So, of course, any successful endeavor automatically spurs talk of a sequel. Not only is show executive producer Ryan Murphy already in talks to do another all-Madonna episode early next season, he is considering other single-artist tributes as well. Right now, Britney Spears and her camp seem to be lobbying the hardest to jump on the Gleek bandwagon. To which I say, um, gimme less?

Look, the Madonna episode was great. But it was great because 1) Madonna, duh. And 2) Originality. So while I can maybe see doing another Material Girl tribute, I’m not sure the show should go the Band of the Week route. Yes, Britney is fun and iconic and – when she isn’t having a nervous breakdown and shaving her head in public – tremendous fun to dance to at parties. But Britney is no Madonna, even if they did make out that one time.

Part of the problem, even with the idea of another all-Material Girl episode, is originality. How often can you go back to the same concept without it becoming old? Consider it the law of diminishing entertainment. Sure, maybe a Britney show would be fun, too. I mean, I would kill to see Sue Sylvester do “Baby One More Time,” complete with the naughty Catholic school girl outfit.

But then where does it end? Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that he was also considering all Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and, even, Courtney Love episodes. Yes, that Courtney Love. Murphy said: “I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her. She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.”

Oh, oh my. Well, that would definitely be something. So what do you think? Gimme me more artists like Britney? Or will more all-one-artist episodes become, you guessed it, toxic?

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