Interview with Eréndira Ibarra of “Las Aparicio”


Back in February in the Morning Brew, Trish told you about the new Mexican television show Las Aparicio, which kicked off last night on Cadena 3 (Channel 28 on Open Television in Mexico and Channel 128 on Cabelvision and other cable services) in Mexico.

The show grabbed our attention (and that of some AE readers) in large part because of the inclusion of a lesbian character, Mariana Torres, played by actress Eréndira Ibarra. The inside scoop we were given indicated that Mariana would have a “major romance” and there would be some “very hot, hot scenes.”

Naturally, we had to ask the woman who plays Mariana to tell us everything. She spoke to us recently (via email) about the show, her role, and how she hopes to make a difference with her positive portrayal of an out lesbian.

Eréndira Ibarra What can you tell us about Mariana?

Eréndira Ibarra:
Mariana Torres is a 24-year-old lesbian. She is an aspiring actress who owns a small catering business with her best friend Julia Aparicio (Liz Gallardo).

She was born and raised in Mexico City and has practically lived in the Aparicio house since she was a child. She always knew she was different and she came out when she was really young, finding in the Aparicio household a safe haven from a bad relationship with her own parents. She’s outspoken, opinionated and extremely independent. Even when she has everything riding against her she’s always front and center.

AE: How did you get involved with Las Aparicio, and did you know when you signed on that your character would be bisexual/lesbian?

I knew what I was getting into even while the idea was barely brewing. I didn’t know what character I was going to play, but I was really looking forward to the audition process, and I pretty much just kept the best attitude and crossed my fingers to have the opportunity to land one of the great parts.

Of course, the more I heard about the character, the more excited I became and the more I focused on giving the producers and writers the confidence that I could carry such an important role.

AE: You told us that your sister is a lesbian and that she is one of the writers on the show, and that she specifically writes for your character. Do you have any influence over what she writes for you?

Well, it’s not so much about having an influence on what Natassja Ybarra Klor, my sister, writes for the project, it’s more about the fact that she’s my inspiration for what I portray on set. We live together, so we often have the opportunity to sit and have some pretty enlightening one on one talks.

I give her insight on the vision that the director is trying to get through and what I experience when I am in Mariana’s skin. I let her know what I embody when I “play around” in the scenes and what I have discovered about Mariana’s personality.

Natassja gives me insight into Mariana’s psyche and pointers on how to reach and express Mariana’s vulnerability and strengths, her moments of “truth.” It’s been an amazing opportunity and the teamwork has been quite an experience! I have worked with her on other collaborations before as well.

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