“Nurse Jackie”: The lesbian storyline cometh


A lesbian is about to check in on Nurse Jackie.

The three-episode arc guest starring Julia Ormond as foreign correspondent Sarah Khouri starts next Monday, but we wanted to give you a little advance warning since this week’s episode provides a sweet little teaser. The episode repeats all week, if you want to catch it — or keep reading to find out what happened.

Yes, that means spoilers ahead.

A new nurse named Sam joined the ER staff this year. He’s a thorn in Jackie’s side because he’s a recovering addict — and recognizes a user when he sees one. But he also is quite the hunk, a fact that does not escape notice by Jackie’s BFF Dr. Eleanor O’Hara.

In the course of Monday’s episode, Dr. O’Hara and Sam worked together on a case, during which Sam confessed that, according to his sponsor, he might be a sex addict. Ever anxious to help get a proper diagnosis, Dr. O’Hara promptly seduces the nurse.

In the middle of the, um, examination, we get this exchange:

Sam: I have a girlfriend.

O’Hara: So do I.

Yes, my friends — the hot, smart, funny British doctor is bisexual. Dreams really do come true.

In case you’re not already familiar with the lovely Dr. O’Hara, here’s Eve Best talking about this season of Nurse Jackie and playing Eleanor.


Now you see why I’m so excited. And why I have such a huge crush on Dr. Eleanor O’Hara. We’ll bring you recaps of the episodes featuring the good doctor and her old flame starting next week.

Are you watching Nurse Jackie this season? Do you plan to watch the Sapphic episodes with Julia Ormond?

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