Tina Fey brings back the funny to “Saturday Night Live”


Tina Fey went rogue over the weekend. The actress/writer/30 Rock creator/my imaginary wife hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time. Her stint back at her old stomping grounds brought us the return of Sarah Palin, brownie husbands and inappropriate thoughts about Justin Bieber.

Of course, the night’s most talked-about sketch was Tina slipping back into her Alaskan hockey mom togs and seeing Russia from her house.


I can’t decide if I like the “Lez Lemon,” Gov. Bobby Jindal as Kenneth the Page or Tonight Show with Jay Leno gags best in that bit.

The night’s second-best sketch was the fake commercial. Mmmm, brownies.


She also did a “hot for teacher” skit with Justin Bieber. Now, admittedly, I don’t understand the constantly trending topics’s appeal because I both have taste and am not a 12-year-old girl. Also the Mary Kay Letourneau overtones of the sketch make it border on creepy.


But, hey, who doesn’t love Tina Fey goofy dancing?

Tina returned to the “Weekend Update” anchor desk for another “Women’s News” segment. Most of her time was spent going after Bomshell McGee, the tattooed lady Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with.


Now, as funny as that sketch was, I wish she had gone after the husbands more than the mistresses. Sure, it takes two to tango/text disgusting things to each other, but it seems a little odd to spend a supposed women’s segment bashing other women — however much deserved.

In fact, I felt the show’s writers missed a real opportunity to showcase its female cast during Tina’s episode. Tina wasn’t paired with the other women in most of the sketches. And she didn’t have a single scene with Kristen Wiig, which should be some sort of crime. But as uneven as the overall episode was, it did give us these glorious intermission bumpers.

Now you see why we’re fake married. So, what did you think of the show? Favorite sketch? And, seriously, someone explain the Bieber appeal to me, because it can’t just be the lesbian hair.

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