Adrianna and Gia kiss and tell on “90210”


When we last checked in with the "kids" at West Beverly High — three weeks ago; please forgive me — Gia rebuffed Mandy Musgrave’s efforts to rekindle their romance because she was falling for Adrianna. A lot has happened since then, so we’ve got no time to waste in catching up!

2.15 What’s Past is Prologue

Gia has a Volkswagen van because of course she does, and she and Adrianna are driving around, windows down, singing Dolly Parton’s "Jolene," which is second in break-up song singalongs only to Alanis Morissette’s "You Oughta Know." (Well, unless your bi-curious girlfriend leaves you, and then it’s probably best to go with Indigo Girl’s cover of Dire Straits "Romeo and Juliet.") (God. High school. Never again.) Adrianna is still pining over Navid, but Gia tells her she’ll meet someone else soon, and she’ll forget Navid ever existed. (I’ve already forgotten Navid exists. Like, just in the space between those two sentences.)

Because she’s not ready to come clean about her lezzer crush on her new BFF, Gia suggests that Adrianna try out for a band named The Glorious Steinems to get her mind off Navid, but Adrianna thinks that’s just the silliest thing — because she hasn’t watched the next scene.

Gia gets suckered into doing some sleuthing because she’s a top journalist and Silver needs someone to spy on Teddy. She sits in a coffee shop and covers up the bottom half of her face — but not her extraordinarily conspicuous red hair — with a magazine. Teddy is meeting a homewrecker named Amy who wants to spend the weekend with him in Malibu. Teddy says he’s in a relationship, Amy says he’s not right for monogamy, and Gia loses the thread of the conversation because Teddy is the most boring person on earth, and also she is daydreaming about Adrianna, obviously.

On the beach at night — RIP, OC Alex — Gia is being coy about having a secret crush, and Adrianna is trying to guess who it is. But she stops caring immediately when she sees Navid making out with another girl. She tells Gia she needs help getting over him, and Gia brings up The Glorious Steinems again. Adrianna says she’ll give it a go. Gia wraps her arm around her, and as a result of their height difference, they slump off down the beach.

At The Glorious Steinems auditions, Adrianna impresses everyone — especially Gia (some more) — with "Jolene." They offer her the lead singer job, which seems like just the thing to help her get over Navid — until the next day when she finds out Navid’s new girlfriend is also in the band.

She storms out and huffs and puffs and bitches and moans, and when she pauses to take a breath, Gia admits that Adrianna is her secret crush. Adrianna is stunned (come on, Adrianna) so Gia walks out and leaves her there in inexplicable awe. 

2.16 Clark Raving Mad

Freaked out by Gia’s confession last week, Adrianna is dodging her in the halls of West Beverly. But Gia is a sleuth — like I said before — so she catches up to her in the parking lot, and Adrianna lies that she’s been super-duper busy with The Glorious Steinems. Gia wants Adrianna to forget the part where Gia wants to make out with her so they can go back to being buddies. Adiranna agrees.

And of course the best place to be buddies is on a bed, in the dark, watching sappy movies — which Adrianna finds out when she reaches into the popcorn bowl and accidentally touches Gia’s hand. At first she thinks, ouch, that popcorn electrocuted me! But then she’s like, oh, Gia’s hand. And then she sneaks a peek at her because she thought sparks only came from boys.

At lunch with Silver and Naomi, Adrianna casually brings up the Gia thing. She doesn’t know if she’s got for-real feelings for her or if she’s just rebounding from Navid or if sexuality really works this way, where one day you can be into a dude and the next day you can be into a chick. Naomi says to do the lesbian thing because that’s a sure-fire way to pique Navid’s interest, but Silver has a really enlightened (and correct) opinion that sexuality is a fluid business, so why not follow your heart.

Gia finds Adrianna reading an antiquated copy of Sexual Behavior & the Human Female (instead of YouTube-ing The L Word like every other sapphically-inclined person with internet access), and Gia is like, "Seriously, what is that book?"

Adrianna says she’s confused about sexuality because of the popcorn, and Gia suggests that maybe science, instead of literature, is the way to approach the conundrum. And by "science" she means "experiment." And by "experiment" she means "I’m going to kiss you now." Adrianna approves, and says immediately that Gia is a good kisser. So they decide to go on a date, a real one. And Gia kisses her again.

2.17 Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

Now that they’ve been a lesbian couple for ten minutes, Gia is doing Adrianna’s laundry. Well, she’s ironing band decals onto shirts at Adrianna’s house while they flirt about whether or not Gia is a roadie or a groupie since her girlfriend is a Glorious Steinem — but the point is: Gia is getting off on the domesticity of it all. Gay, gay, gay. You big, big, gaymo in your Volkswagen Van.

On the way to The Glorious Steinems first gig, they realize that their instruments have been locked inside of West Beverly High, but Gia cracks out her sleuthing skills the third time in three episodes and sneaks them inside. Adrianna thinks it’s the greatest thing, and Gia leans into kiss her, but Adrianna blows her off when one of their friends pops back to tell them to hurry along.

Gia’s not keen on the secret relationship thing, and she calls Adrianna out on it. Adrianna says she is still trying to "figure this thing out," and Gia is all, "Thing?! Thing?! It’s called a relationship!" As they’re busting back out of the school, they trigger the alarm and Adrianna goes in for a Breakfast Club-y high five, and Gia’s all, "Oh, but we can high five in public?"

At the beach club, Adrianna is too freaked out to go on stage, but she finally summons the courage, and everyone loves her. She’s hopped up on adrenaline and praise when she comes off stage and she kisses Gia in front of the Steinems and everybody, explaining that facing her fears is a good thing. Gia ignores the part where Adrianna compared her to stage fright, and kisses her good and long.

What’s next for Gia and Adrianna? Jessia Lowndes spoke to Hollywood News recently, and here’s what she had to say.

On playing a bisexual character:

Everything that my character has gone through is just pressing issues in society and I feel so blessed and honored to have the responsibility to tell these stories to the best of my ability. I want to do it justice so I do research and I try to make it as truthful as possible because they are important and these are things that are going on in high school. The response from the fans has been incredible. A lot of people are going through these things that I can’t even fathom and can’t even understand sometimes, what it would be like to lead a life like my character. There are people that watch every week to see my character get through it and then they feel like they can get through it themselves. They’re not feeling so alone in their situation.

On Adrianna and Gia’s future:

There will definitely be harmony to be had. I think it’s just going to be really, really great and they share such a special bond. The storyline is very cute. I know I’m biased but I think it’s very special and important … So it’s been fun but I think yeah, for a couple episodes it’s just sailing smoothly. Then we’ll have to see.

What do you think of Adrianna and Gia’s storyline so far?

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