The Puppy Episode, take 2



Today, television history, nay, world history (hyperbole is fun, try it at home) will be made when Oprah Winfrey appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Oprah has been notoriously reluctant to go on rival talk shows. She had a 16-year feud with David Letterman before the sea parted in 2005 and she appeared on the Late Show to promote the opening of her Broadway musical The Color Purple.

Of course, this isn’t Oprah’s first time sitting in a chair across from Ellen. The queen of all media made a memorable appearance in “The Puppy Episode,” the now-famous coming out episode of Ellen, as her therapist. And Ellen and then-girlfriend Anne Heche appeared on Oprah’s show to discuss the “Yep, I’m Gay” heard ’round the world.


Ellen has been promoting the heck out of Oprah’s appearance (seriously, wouldn’t you?) and I must admit I’m pretty excited to see the show. In the interview, “The Puppy Episode,” O magazine and Oprah’s presidential endorsement for ’08 come up. The duo even filmed a road trip promo to the strains of “I Will Survive.” I see jazz hands, people.

But at the risk of incurring the wrath of the entire Oprah Nation, O seems a tad imperious at times. When Ellen brings up her coming-out show, Oprah says right away how much heat she got. Hey, Oprah, don’t you think Ellen took a little heat, too? But these are but quibbles. Oprah seems relaxed and like she is having fun in some clips. I also love the way she shows us some moves as she dances on stage. Get down girl, go ahead, get down.

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