If being a geek is wrong, I don’t want to be right


Geek magazine

I was perusing the magazine rack at the bookstore last night (they unchain me from the computer for one hour a night so I can forage for sustenance), and I came across a really cool magazine called Geek Monthly. Naturally, I was drawn to it like Willow to dark magic, or like my high school boyfriend Kevin to an astronomy lab (yeah, I went for the smart ones even back then – wrong gender, maybe, but still smart). ultra.jpgCheck out these cool features in the first issue alone:

  • an article about Television Without Pity
  • a multi-page spread on the third season of Battlestar Galactica
  • an interview with the Luna brothers about their ultra-cool female-superhero comic Ultra
  • a very funny interview with Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight from The Office

And answers to all the important geeky entertainment questions, like, why do DVD commentaries suck, and what’s up with all the good TV shows on ABC Family lately? Plus, a list of “thespians as bright as Jodie Foster,” with Jennifer Beals at the top. And even though it’s slanted slightly towards male readers, it’s not overbearingly so – they have female writers, and this edition’s “Geek of the Month” is a girl. Then there are the ads featuring cute girls in Atari-branded t-shirts and jeans playing arcade games…It’s like I’ve died and gone to geek heaven! Where they have cute geeky video-game-playing girl angels, apparently.

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