Mindy Kaling brings her Subtle Sexuality


Ladies and ladies, may I present to you something you never knew you always wanted? Kelly Kapoor in a leopard print leotard and gold tights:

Kelly Kapoor working a wedding dress:

Kelly Kapoor meets auto-tune:


“Male Prima Donna” is the effort of the most underrated star at NBC, writer/producer/director/actor Mindy Kaling. The video is the framework for a new series of Office webisodes titled “Subtle Sexuality,” named after the female group comprised of Ms. Kelly Kapoor and her newest (only) hanger-on, Erin the receptionist (Ellie Kemper).

The webisodes follow Kelly, Erin, Ryan and Andy as they create Subtle Sexuality’s music video during an afternoon when all the other Dunder-Mifflin peeps are off at a training class.

In the first episode, “Creative Differences,” we find out about Kelly’s concept for Subtle Sexuality.

In the second episode, “The Replacement,” Andy horns in on the project.

Subtle Sexuality even has its own fansite, where you can watch the video on repeat or join the fan club. (Check it out. Seriously. It will crack you up.) The song is also available on iTunes.

Mindy Kaling’s been Tweeting smack since the video dropped last night at NBC.com.

Now that I’ve seen her rockin’ those gold tights, I know she can back it up.

What do you think of Subtle Sexuality?

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