The star of “Precious” could join “The C Word”


Although Precious has yet to open nationwide, the movie’s star Gabourey Sidibe has become America’s newest sweetheart, with Oscar buzz for her performance in the film about abuse, sexual violence and both sexuality and race issues. After such a heavy film (her first, in fact), Sidibe is in talks to join the cast of a new Showtime series about cancer.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Sidibe is negotiating with the network to play a student of Laura Linney‘s character, Cathy, who is dealing with a diagnosis of cancer while maintaining a positive outlook on life. The show is called The C Word, and sounds nothing like The L Word, other than in name and that there is some cancer involved. (R.I.P. Dana!)

Darlene Hunt is the writer of the show, and her previous work includes episodes of 90210, Good Morning, Miami and Will and Grace. So despite sounding like a series that could be less than uplifting, it appears that The C Word will be a well-written, female-centric dark comedy series. Sounds like Showtime to me.

The C Word airs in 2010. Will you be watching?

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