Lisa Kudrow gets ready for “Rapture”


Lisa Kudrow, whom I’ve crushed on since she kissed Rachel and said, “I’ve had better,” has always been a friend to the LGBT community. And her latest project is no exception.

Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, who worked with her on The Comeback, are developing a comedy for Showtime based on the book Why the Long Face? by Craig Chester. The TV series, Rapture, is the story of Chester growing up as the gay son of born-again Christian parents.

If you don’t recognize Chester’s name, you may remember him from playing Nathan Leopold in Swoon or Adam in Adam & Steve, which he also directed.

OK, I didn’t like Adam & Steve, but that’s beside the point.

Chester’s book is full of both humor and sadness, in much the same way Augusten Burroughs’ books are. Chester isn’t nearly as funny as Burroughs, but the story is definitely good fodder for TV. And I can always relate to memoirs of gay teenagers who compensated for “homosexual temptations” by trying to win a few more souls for Jesus.

No word yet on whether Kudrow will have a role in Rapture, but I would love to see her in a situation comedy again. I miss Phoebe and Ursula. And I will never tire of Phoebe’s tribute to the feline, revived for a few minutes at the recent Feed America concert.

Does Rapture sound like a show you’d like to watch? What’s your favorite Lisa Kudrow character? Do you still love “Smelly Cat” as much as I do?

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