The Material Girl shares her “Glee”


In case you haven’t noticed, the world has come down with a severe case of Glee. They’re on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. They’ve snagged Joss Whedon to direct an episode. Sue Sylvester even picked a Twitter fight with Chuck Norris. (She kicked his bearded butt, naturally.)

Now, even Madonna is a Gleek.

The Material Girl has granted the freshman phenomena the rights to her entire musical catalogue. An all-Madonna musical episode is in the works for early next year. As if the show could get any gayer.

The shows producers also report that they’re trying to woo American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert to guest on the show as well. He even already has the right outfit. Sheesh, it’s almost like they’re hogging all the gay now.

The Madonna news is particularly exciting because some of the show’s musical picks have been a little musty. “The Thong Song?” “Bust a Move?” At this rate I half expect “Ice, Ice Baby” to pop up. And if that happens I’m going to have to sit someone down for a long talk.

So as we wait to find out which songs make the list, let’s brainstorm our favorite Madge selections. Who should sing what? My picks? Quinn sings “Like a Virgin.” (Irony!) Kurt does “Vogue.” (Too obvious?) Sue goes “Erotica?” (Dear God, make this happen!) And for Rachel maybe “Like a Prayer,” Express Yourself” or “Crazy for You?” Oh, the delicious possibilities.

So, are Madonna and Glee a match made in musical heaven? Who should sing what? And what other music would you love to see New Directions tackle. Wait? You don’t watch Glee? KILL YOURSELF!

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