“Lip Service” gets a cast and a spring premiere date


When Harriet Braun pitched Lip Service to BBC, she promised it would be funnier and more authentic than The L Word, and now she’s going to get the chance to prove it. The lesbian-centric tragi-comedy received a green light from BBC in September, and it has already begun filming.

Ruta Gesamintas will play Frankie.

The six-part mini-series will revolve around Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), Cat (Laura Fraser) and Tess (Fiona Button), three lesbians who live (and, presumably, laugh and love and breathe and fight and f–k and cry and drink) in Glasgow.

According to BBC’s press release:

Frankie [is] an irreverent and provocative photographer who avoids commitment at all turns; Cat [is] Frankie’s former lover, who may not be as immune to Frankie’s charms as she professes to be; and Tess [is] Cat’s best friend and flatmate who has an uncanny knack of attracting all the wrong sorts of women.

Laura Fraser (left) will play Cat. Fiona Button (right) will play Tess.

Ruta Gedmintas has been a recurring character in a few BBC TV shows, but you may remember her as Catherine’s handmaiden/Henry VIII’s mistress from season one of Showtime’s The Tudors. Laura Fraser has done her time in period pieces as well. She was the sexy blacksmith who saved Heath Ledger repeatedly in A Knight’s Tale, and she played Henriette in Casanova. Fiona Button may be the least recognizable name, at least to American television viewers. She played Lucy Bedford in the UK drama, The Palace, and she’s been making much-lauded rounds on the theater circuit in Britain for quite some time.

The supporting female roles went to Heather Peace, who has played a variety of bad-asses on British TV, and Roxanne McKee, who you might remember from the super gay soap Hollyoaks.

Heather Peace (left) will play Sam. Roxanne McKee (right) will play Lou.

Lip Service writer/creator Harriet Braun said of her leading ladies, “All of these characters are very close to my heart, so to have found such a great cast who bring them to life so fantastically is very exciting.”

The series has started filming in Glasgow, and the early buzz from producers — “a completely fresh and engaging take on contemporary relationships;” “all passion and absurdity;” “a very vivid and authentic look at the lives and loves of modern British gay women” — is encouraging.

Lip Service will premiere on BBC3 next spring, and we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

Are you excited about Britain’s answer to The L Word?

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