Jennifer Beals gives us a sneak peek at her “L Word” photography book


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a picture by Jennifer Beals worth? Is it worth a thousand words plus a sippy cup? The actress released a preview of her new photography book as one of the extras in The L Word Season 6 DVD set.

The final season set came out yesterday and with it came a behind-the-scenes look at the series through Jennifer’s lens. She calls the images a “photographic journal” taken to help her preserve and remember the time she spend on the show, from rehearsals to dinners and photoshoots. She also saved her scripts, call sheets and other moments, some which will also make their way into the book.

Jennifer wrote in a prologue to the preview, “Mostly, I wanted to remember the joy, because no matter where the storylines went, we always managed to have fun.”

Some of the images have made the rounds before and others are new. This one in particular makes me wish Jennifer had been standing in front of a three-way mirror instead.

All proceeds from the book will go to charity, split between the Matthew Shephard Foundation and co-star Mia Kirshner’s I Live Here Foundation. No word yet on a publisher or publish date. But now we can all eagerly anticipate ogling our favorite L Word actresses, for a good cause.

Some other great shots:

Marlee Matlin snapping back.

Laurel Holloman and soon-to-be Lola.

Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey and Kate’s dog, Floyd, all gussied up.

Kelly Lynch, manning up.

Erin Daniels, reminding us that we will always miss Dana’s smile.

See the rest of the set here, courtesy of

So, are you ready to fork over however many sippy cups it takes to buy this book?

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