Archie Panjabi’s character on “The Good Wife” could be bisexual

on’s forums have been abuzz with readers whose gaydars have been picking up on the non-straightness of Archie Panjabi’s character, Kalinda Sharma, on CBS’s The Good Wife. Though there aren’t any American news sources confirming Kalinda’s sexuality, South Asian-specific blog Sepia Mutiny and several Indian news sites, as well as some in the UK, reported a month ago that Panjabi’s character is indeed bisexual.

Rediff Movies states that Panjabi, the Indian-origin actress of Bend it like Beckham fame, plays Kalinda, a “bisexual Indian investigator who works alongside the show’s attorney protagonist, [Alicia Florrick], played by Julianna Margulies.”

No word yet on whether Kalinda’s bisexuality will be explored or portrayed in a healthy way, but according to the forums, I’m clearly not alone in speculating that the character Donna is Kalinda’s lezzy lover. And now, in light of these confirmations, Donna very well may be the Kalinda-loving girlfriend we’ve all been waiting for.

Now, why are we so behind the times? Why on earth wouldn’t CBS or any other American news source reveal this juicy tidbit to us earlier on? It has to be some kind of sick joke.

Lez-be-honest: I’ll watch any show with a bisexual or lesbian character on it and I’m sure there so many of us who can say the same, which would give them even more ratings from loyal lesbian fans.

Nonetheless, I am sure glad that journalists overseas know how to do their jobs, and, if it’s true, this means one huge thing: there is another queer female character on a major network show and a queer woman of color at that! Let’s hope this means we can rejoice soon. Guess we’ll have to keep watching.

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