Julie Goldman’s Big Gay Romantic Comedy


Comic Julie Goldman is blazing some new trails. The star of Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show has recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles, started her own fashion blog, and has co-written a new lesbian romantic comedy, Nicest Thing, which she is currently developing for the big screen.

Goldman has been a fixture on the New York comedy scene and has already made memorable appearances in a slew of short and feature films, including Big Dreams in Little Hope, Out At the Wedding, Happy Birthday, and The D Word. When she’s not busy being a television and movie star, Goldman is performing stand up comedy across the U.S., for which she has won the 2007 MAC award for Headlining Comedian in NYC and the New Now Next Award for Brink of Fame Comic in 2008.

We recently caught up with Goldman to talk about what she did last summer, which includes setting sail for Alaska with Sharon Gless and putting together her dream cast for Nicest Thing.

Julie Goldman

AfterEllen.com: You recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. Do you like it? Have you acclimated yet to being around the disproportionate amount of attractive people who live here?

Julie Goldman:
Actually, I had no trouble getting used to it, because I see a gorgeous person in the mirror every single morning. In fact, going out on the town is a constant disappointment compared to what I see in the mirror every day. I am so blessed.

AE: How does the stand-up world in New York compare to the one in Los Angeles?

New York feels a little more gritty and a little more raw. So far the stand up out here has just felt a little more shiny. But they’re pretty similar. Comedy Clubs, for the most part, are pretty consistent no matter where you are: Consistently repulsive and disgusting. I try not to do them. But I have had some fun little alt-y shows out here, and around Los Angeles.

AE: I know that you performed on the R Family Vacations cruise to Alaska this summer. What was the highlight of your trip?

Getting wasted with Sharon Gless, followed by the realization that there really are no glaciers but glacier pieces. Literally. 

AE: Were you a Cagney & Lacey fan when you were growing up?

JG: I was a huge Cagney and Lacey fan. I loved that show, I loved them. I so wished that Cagney and Lacey would get together. It seemed so wrong to me that Marybeth was with a husband.

When I saw her for the first time, I was on my first R cruise. She was in the audience for my show and I finally got to voice what we were all thinking, and said “F***ING CAGNEY is sitting in here! And what lez didnt want to see Cagney give Marybeth the old finger blast?”

She loved it, and it was my honor to be able to play for her a little. Hanging out with Sharon Gless was so cool. There was that level of “Holy sh**, Im sitting with Sharon F***ing Cagney and Lacey Mother F***er Gless!”

As we sat and got to hang out and talk with her, I felt like she was so fun, and cool, and down to earth and warm, and it was awesome. A true highlight. 

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