TV Alert: Betty is back in action


After a whole lot of hullabaloo, Ugly Betty is finally back on ABC tonight with a two-hour season premiere. And this year, more than ever, the odds are stacked against our affable, plucky heroine. She may be rocking a makeover and a promotion, but she’s doing it in the Friday night death slot because last year’s second-half ratings were dismal. Of course, if we’ve learned anything from Betty in three seasons it’s that we should never, ever give up.

Last season’s finale was one of the bleakest ever episodes of Betty, but the good thing that came of it was Betty’s promotion to associate features editor. The new job should open up some fresh storylines for the Mode crew. How will Marc handle being passed over? How will Daniel cope with the loss of his only source of brainpower? Who will Amanda torture?

And what kind of hijinks will the fabulous Wilhemina get up to? (That last one has nothing to do with Betty becoming an editor, but it’s still my favorite Ugly Betty question.)

Much has been made of Betty’s forthcoming makeover, but at a recent Esquire event America Ferrera told reporters: “It’s not the big, dramatic change that people are making it out to be, [but she does] finally gets her braces off!”

This season will feature a special episode in The Bahamas with Shakira and Christie Brinkley, but mostly I’m just hoping for as much Amanda/Marc and Hilda/Justin as possible.

Our brothers over at have some full-on spoilers for the two episodes that will air tonight, so if you’re into titillation, head on over and check them out!

Ugly Betty is one of the most racially-diverse, gay-friendly shows on network TV and I can’t help but wish it well. Who is sticking with Betty for another season?

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