“Survivor: Samoa” has a lesbian contestant


It’s impossible to keep up with every thing that happens on TV on Thursday nights. That’s our only excuse for not catching this sooner: According to GLAAD’s TV blog, this season’s Survivor Samoa has a 45-year-old lesbian contestant named Shannon Waters from Renton, Washington. Or maybe you know her as "Shambo."

We know, we know. One look at those photos and your gaydar is pinging like a pinball machine after a lightning strike. We would have never missed it if this had happened on a Wednesday night.

Anyway, Shmabo has lasted four weeks on Survivor Samoa so far, even though she hasn’t had a lot of luck. Apparently, she’s calling her team "90210" and has bonded better with the Foa Foa tribe. She says her team doesn’t accept her for who she is, which may be true. But also, she broke their fishing equipment and lost their chicken. (I love Survivor. When else do you get to write: "and then the lesbian lost the chicken"?)

According to her profile on CBS.com:

Shannon Waters is proud to be the first female Marine Sergeant to play the game of Survivor. Although she has completed her military service and is now in the world of sales, Shannon will always remain true to her roots as a second generation Marine.

On the weekends, Shannon splits her time between riding her Harley, which she’s affectionately named “Chunky”, enjoying the companionship of her dogs and hanging out with family.

Translation: lezzie, lezzie, lezzie, lezzie, lezzie. (Also, her sexual orientation been confirmed by Reality Blurred and GLAAD.)

One super cool note about Shambo: she lost four pant sizes and 70 pounds to make it onto this season of Survivor. Maybe after this is over, she can be the guest gay on Jackie Warner‘s new show, Thintervention.

We’ve got a couple of official Survivor promos from CBS that feature Shambo. In the first, she talks about her thirst for knowledge.


In the second, she talks about fitting in with the opposing tribe.


I love a woman with a good self-deprecating sense of humor.

Is anyone watching Shambo on Survivor Samoa? How long do you think she’ll stick around?

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