Kate Cook makes the top 7 on “Australian Idol”


Several of our Aussie readers have written in to let us know that Kate Cook, the self-proclaimed “farm-living, Harley-riding Lez,” has made it into the top seven on Australian Idol.

The thing that frankly shocked me about Cook’s audition tape was that the judges completely embraced her sexuality and told her she was beautiful, and to remain true to herself. (Something American Idol judges haven’t said to even the most talented, straight, super-feminine contestants in eight seasons.)

Apparently the Australian Idol judges are holding Cook to her promise of authenticity. According to reader Brooke, during last week’s P!nk night, Cook femmed up her look a little:

Judge Ian “Dicko” Dickson who has previously told Cook not to change from being a “Harley riding, guitar playing lez” had an issue with her new look and said she didn’t look right with her hair styled up and no big hat. This message seemed to be saying that he preferred her more butch style. He then went on to ask her if she’d please wear a dress sometime soon. Cook coped with this comment like the star she is and said she’d happily wear a dress if the very heterosexual male host, Andrew G, wore one too.

The common consensus seems to be that Kate’s breakout performance right now was a cover of “Landslide,” which you can check out below.


Unfortunately, we don’t get full episodes of Australian Idol here in The States, but you can watch videos of Cook’s performances at her <ahref=”http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=kate+cook&init=quick#/pages/Kate-Cook/244912510299?ref=search&sid=599240153.4156355951..1″ target=”_blank”>Facebook fan page. Or you can read Cook’s blog and see more photos on Australian Idol‘s official site.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! How many Kate Cook fans do we have out there?

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