Kim Raver cuts into a “Grey’s Anatomy” relationship


I admit it — Grey’s Anatomy has drawn me back in.

I do feel a little like I’m betraying Brooke Smith, but Callie and Arizona are too adorable to resist.

However, one thing about the show really, really bugs me: the relationship between Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd).

Granted, I am not a good judge of sexiness in a man, but I just can’t see this creepy guy with her. Every time I see them hold hands, I grimace. I had to leave the room when Cristina tried to seduce him with her black lace underwear. And trust me, I wanted to watch Sandra Oh in that sexy underwear.

Tuesday,’s Michael Ausiello revealed a casting tidbit that gives me hope that Owentina (yes, that’s really what fans call them) may be a bit shaky. Starting Nov. 12, Kim Raver will join Grey’s in a recurring role as a surgeon and “possible love interest” for Owen.

According to the casting sides, Raver’s character “loves surgery the way Julia Child loves food” and served with “Dr. Kane” (apparently code for Dr. Hunt) at Ground Zero. Looks like Owen has yet another secret.

Lest you misunderstand my wish to pawn off Dr. Hunt, let me say this: I like Kim Raver. Her character certainly was the most interesting of the Lipstick Jungle bunch and Raver is a knockout. But I’m invested in Cristina Yang. If I don’t get to see her in a relationship with another woman — and I haven’t given up — at least I want her to be with someone who could make her equally as happy.

Will Kim Raver make a good addition to Grey’s Anatomy? Do you want Cristina to end up with Owen or someone else?

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