“SNL” goes Gaga


Ohmygod, ohmygod! Madonna and Lady Gaga just kissed! Well, almost.

This past weekend, SNL was hosted by Ryan Reynolds. Too bad nobody cares. I obviously skipped ahead to only the parts with musical guest Lady Gaga in them.

On the “Deep House Dish” talk show skit, Madonna made a cameo and performed standard teeny bopper choreography in sync with Gaga, which eventually erupted into a wig-pulling, leather-boot kicking, diva-on-diva cat fight slash strangling match. Kenan Thompson was the host, and brought the brawling blondes on either side of him on the couch to keep them from inflicting real bodily harm on one another.

Gaga: Hey guess what, Madonna? I’m totally hotter than you.
Madonna: I’m totally taller than you. And what kind of name is Lady Gaga? It sounds like baby food.
Gaga: The kind that’s number one on the Billboard Charts!

Lady Gaga lunges for the Material Girl and the hair pulling ensues.

After Kenan tries to tame the “bee-itches,” they kiss and make up. Well, they were about to kiss, but instead kiss Kenan on either cheek, to which the audience [disappointedly] laughs. I groan with agony. Boys ruin everything.

But seriously, why is Madonna always kissing the latest pop princesses? First, Christina and Britney, and now Lady Gaga? Who’s next for her — Miley Cyrus? Talk about a cougar!

Perhaps energized by her near-makeout with the Queen of Pop (at least one of them), Lady Gaga’s performances were pretty awesome. I think we forget how talented she is because of her ridiculous outfits and bloody stage antics. She continued the new SNL tradition of cussing on TV when she sang “s—t” loud and clear on “Paparrazzi.”

Later, with the rings of Saturn orbiting around her body, Lady GaGa did an awesomely stripped piano-and-vocal medley of her new single “Bad Romance,” a couple nostalgic and laudatory songs about New York and of course the cabaret-like version of “Poker Face.” She definitely killed it and it was refreshing to hear an artist who doesn’t need to auto-tune herself to sound good live. And she was B.A. on the piano, too.

Apart from the GaGa’s killer performances (she made a few other cameos throughout the show), I wasn’t too impressed with any of the other skits. Ahmadinejad’s “wife” was kind of funny, I guess, in the way in which she ridiculed him for not understanding English and told everyone not to be scared of such a harmless little man. In fact, I wouldn’t be writing about this show if there hadn’t been an almost-kiss between two female pop icons or the F-bomb.

Hopefully SNL can pick things up, but in the meantime, they’ll keep getting press if their women keep doing entertaining things. I guess you can always count on the ladies.

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