Happy Thanksgiving 2006!


What's Cooking?

The AfterEllen.com staffers will be taking Thanksgiving off with the rest of America, and we’ll also be taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off to recover from the tryptophan haze. So your Best.Lesbianish.Day.Ever blog will be temporarily on hiatus till Monday.

We’re sure that you’ll all be too busy bonding with your loving families and/or fighting your way through the post-Thanksgiving sales at the mall to be visiting our little blog over the weekend, but just in case you need something to keep you occupied (or perhaps distracted from the relatives who have converged on your house), we thought we’d ask for your input on a little project.

Project No. 1: Head on over to Logoonline.com to vote for your choices in their 2006 Queer Year polls. Currently, “The entire cast of The L Word” is slightly edging out “The girls from South of Nowhere” in the “Who is the hottest lesbian(s) on TV?” category. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are winning the “Who is this year’s hottest couple?” question, beating out gay boys of the moment, Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl!

But the most controversial result (IMO)? When asked, “Which onscreen lesbian relationship could you most relate to?” the response that gets the most votes is “The bisexual sex scenes in Basic Instinct 2.” This is winning over Lena Heady and Piper Perabo in Imagine Me & You, Erin Kelly andDiane Gaidry in Loving Annabelle, Mia Riverton and Elaine Kao in Red Doors, Mia Kirshner andJemima Rooper in Black Dahlia, and Annette Bening and Gabrielle Union in Running With Scissors. All I can say is: If more people identify with bisexual serial killers than any of these other lovely options, we lesbians are screwed. Go now and fight for our cause!

While you’re there, check out a photo of our illustrious editor and founder, Sarah Warn, who will be co-hosting Logo’s 2006: The Queer Year when it airs in December.

Project No. 2: Every year, we like to present the AfterEllen.com Lesbian and Bisexual Visibility Awards (2005 and 2004). This year is no different, but now that we have this handy blog, you can fill us in on what you think is worthy of notice. Here are some categories to start with:

  • Best and Worst Television Series
  • Best Drunken Bisexual Moment
  • Best and Worst Movie
  • Best-Dressed Lesbian
  • Best Lesbian Couple

Who do you think deserves to be awarded?

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