Christiane Amanpour gets her own show on CNN


Diane Sawyer isn’t the only hot brilliant journalist to get a solo gig this week. CNN announced that Christiane Amanpour will host her own show, starting September 21.

Amanpour will air live on CNN International, Tuesday through Friday at 22:30 GMT (with a “best of” the previous week on Mondays) and focus on one topic per show. A weekly version will air in the U.S. on Sundays at 2 p.m. ET starting September 27.

Amanpour does not intend for this to be a traditional news talk show.

“I want this show to stir the global conscience. I have witnessed so much that it’s time to start making real sense of it all,” <ahref=” target=”_blank”>Amanpour said. “I learned to seek facts and to tell the truth no matter how difficult or unpopular, and to not accept a false moral equivalence when none exists. I want to provide a forum for others to do the same.”

Christiane Amanpour has been reporting on international news for CNN for 26 years and has received nine News and Documentary Emmys and four Peabody Awards, along with many other major journalism awards. As she told Newsroom Magazine, she believes that good journalism can make the world better. But she also understands that people will not listen to stories that are not well told.

“What Americans don’t care much about is the piffle we put on TV these days,” Amanpour said. “What they don’t care about is boring, irrelevant, badly told stories, and what they really hate is the presumption that they’re too stupid to know the difference.”

That’s probably why Amanpour has the respect of the international community and has access to people and places where other reporters are not welcome. Her connections, especially in the Middle East, should bring guests toAmanpour that other news show hosts can only dream of. And her presence brings another strong, intelligent — and beautiful — woman to the helm of a news show.

Somewhere, Rory Gilmore is smiling.

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