And we don’t look nearly as good in bathing suits


Logo has announced the summer 2007 premiere of Curl Girls, a six-part reality series currently in production that follows six lesbian friends in Los Angeles through a summer of competition in friendship, romance, fashion and, most important, surfing (read about last year’s one-hour Curl Girls special that inspired the series here).

The group of friends (pictured below) include Melissa the “hard on the outside, soft on the inside car dealer,” Jessica the “feisty tough girl,” Erin the “gun-toting lawyer,” Michelle the “grown-up,” Gingi the “flirty bi-girl” and Vanessa, the “scrappy urban clothing designer.”

This isn’t in the press release, but Curl Girls was actually Logo’s second choice for a reality show. They were initially planning to do one about the staff of – with Sarah, the “wisecracking workaholic”, Karman, the “roguish recapper”, and Malinda, the “stylish punctuation dominatrix.” But somehow footage of us sitting in front of computers all day didn’t make for great drama.

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