“The Real World: Cancun” shows more of Aiiiya’s bisexuality


My favorite Real World: Cancun cast member, Aiiiya was the center of controversy of last week’s episode, which can mean one of two things: Drama-ridden screaming matches or hot chicks making out. Luckily for us, it was the latter.

22-year-old Aiiiya is in an open relationship with boyfriend Ryan, who only allows Aiiiya to sleep with other women, never men. Perhaps he thinks that women are no threat to his relationship. Silly Ryan, hasn’t he met Shane? Or Alice, for that matter?

Aiiiya declares that she’s “not a lesbian,” she just likes making out with girls and experimenting. Uh-huh. Sure.

Cut to Aiiiya ogling Jonna’s bikini-clad bod poolside, while she confesses that she “may have an infatuation with Jonna,” and proceeds to drool at the thought of her, uh, personality.

Other cast member Emilee previously starred in Aiiiya’s most intimate Sapphic sleepover in Cancun, but this time bi-curiosity compels Aiiiya to pursue Jonna, who just happens to share a room with Emilee. Kinda sleazy if you ask me, but Aiiiya assures her doubtful friends that she likes a challenge and bets that she will in no time be locking lips with her newly single gal pal.

At a club later that night, Aiiiya proves victorious and swoops in on her obliging housemate in front of her dumbfounded boy toy, Pat. She’s thrilled that Jonna is such a “good kisser.”

It quickly turns into a battle of the sexes to vie for Jonna’s mouth. Initially, Aiiiya vehemently declines Pat’s invitation to “share,” but later on the tipsy trio takes things to a gross level and has a threesome while former flavor-of-the-week Emilee slumbers unawares in the next bed.

Aiiiya emphasizes that her sole purpose was to make out with Jonna, and that she wasn’t happy to share her with icky Pat. I understand that we women have to go to far lengths to get with a hot straight girl, but come on. Word of the three-way travels faster than Kourtney Kardashian’s unplanned pregnancy the next morning, shocking the roommates and disgusting Emilee. (Aiiiya must have forgotten to invite her.)

Aiiiya has an emotional breakdown when she realizes her parents, who are unsupportive of her bisexuality, will watch her behavior with disdain. Though Aiiiya laments that she doesn’t know if she likes “guys or girls,” she stresses that there’s no harm in being with girls — a fact that her family must come to terms with.

While it’s lame that Aiiiya had to resort to the typical Real World threesome to get cozy with her cast mate, the episode at least portrayed Aiiiya’s sexual fluidity and confusing discoveries. For once MTV was a tiny bit progressive and presented some of the cultural prejudices and inner conflicts that surround a bisexual woman of color.

Only two episodes left; keep your fingers crossed so that Aiiiya has better luck with the ladies before she leaves Cancun!

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