RachelWatch Classic: Dressing Our Wounds


Rachel Maddow was out sick again on Tuesday.

Here are some favorite past clips to keep you from pining away. Thanks to @siavalore for today’s “Rachel plays dress-up” theme.

Let’s wade right in, shall we?

Next up, Rachel rocks a surgical mask.

And finally, the infamous GOPeakness clip.

It’s got the wonderful Melissa Harris-Lacewell using one of the best political metaphors of the year and a big pink hat you will never forget.

Argue with me all you want: As a sketch comedy dork, I truly believe there is a genius bit in here. It just needed to be a minute shorter.

Still, major props to Ms. Maddow for putting that hat on and working it. If she can get through that, she can get through this illness too.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Rachel.

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