Closer to fine at the office


During the first season of The L Word, the episode Looking Back featured something familiar to many of us: a group of lesbians singing “Closer to Fine” at the top of their lungs. But in last week’s episode of The Office, something similar yet entirely unfamiliar occurred. Jim (John Krasinski) and Andy (The Daily Show‘s Ed Helms) burst into song too, after tossing back too much Jagermeister during a long workday. Picture it: There’s Andy on the floor (actually, all you see are his shoes), and suddenly you hear “I went to the doctor; I went to the mountains…” And then Jim joins in too, almost as if he can’t believe what he’s singing. It’s a bonding moment for Big Tuna and his new co-worker.

An Indigo Girls sing-along on The L Word is a no-brainer, but on The Office, it’s hilariously mind-blowing. Now if only Pam and Angela would get stoned and sing “Fat Bottomed Girls”…

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