TV Alert: “Project Runway” moves to Lifetime and Lindsay Lohan guest judges


If you think it seems like forever since Project Runway‘s fifth season ended, I’m right there with you. The hit Heidi Klum-hosted fashion design reality show makes it’s long awaited return tonight, making its move from Bravo to Lifetime official with the season six premiere.

But, before the new season starts, there will be an All Star Challenge episode, where past season favorites (like drag aficionado Chris March, neck tattooed Jeffery Sebelia, Brandy boyfriend Mychael Knight and should-have-been-last-season’s winner, Korto Momolu) compete for 100 grand — again.

Here’s a preview:

The move to Lifetime isn’t the only big change for PR. After calling Parsons in NYC home for the first five seasons, Heidi, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have hightailed it to Los Angeles. Instead of Parsons, the wannabe designers will slave away at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

But being in L.A. has its perks, like the accessibility to amazing guest stars. Nicole Kidman, for example, will appear on tonight’s All Star Challenge. But, even more (in my opinion) exciting, is the season six premiere’s guest judge we’ll see tonight.

Drum roll please: Lindsay Lohan.

That’s right. While the Washington Post review/preview of tonight’s episode (don’t worry, they don’t give away what happens) is skeptical of LiLo’s fashion expertise (“Who knew she was such an expert on flawless style?!”, it says), it’ll be interesting, no less. Especially because it’s hard not to notice the striking resemblance to Samantha Ronson (straight) PR contestant Ari Fish has.

The Post calls 26-year-old Fish, from Kansas City, “an avant-garde-ish flake who seeks design inspiration by performing a handstand and waiting for the fabric to speak to her.” Strange? Sure. Adorable? Absolutely.

To find out about the other 15 contestants, check out Project Runway‘s new Lifetime website, or just tune in tonight to see who will be in, and who will be out (other than Lindsay and Tim Gunn.)

Are you excited for Project Runway‘s return — and do you think Lindsay Lohan’s leggings expertise will come in handy in tonight’s judging?

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