mandymusgrave.jpgIf you’ve been watching Season Two of South of Nowhere, you know that all hell is about to break loose for Spencer Carlin. She’s contemplating coming out to her family, and the previews for next week suggest that it may happen sooner than she planned. (Watch the preview here.)

Don’t be ashamed of your SON obsession. Trust me, you aren’t the only over-21-year-old consumed by this TV teen romance. And it looks like the rest of the world (aka other media outlets) is finally catching on to what a great show it is. TV recently published a fun interview with Mandy Musgrave, who plays Spencer’s paramour, Ashley, in which Mandy talks about why “Ashley is actually a really good girlfriend”, and why she loves kissing Gabrielle Christian.

But wait, there’s more! You can read our recap of the most recent episode, and check back on next Monday (Nov. 13) for our interview with Maeve Quinlan, who plays Spencer�s homophobic mother on the show. She’s got some explaining to do!

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