RachelWatch: Armey Stands Down


Today: The Family is terrifyingly virile, but Rachel is not easily intimidated.


Rachel led off with the news that former House majority leader Dick Armey resigned from the legal and lobbying firm DLA Piper after a TRMS story about Armey’s involvement in both DLA Piper and FreedomWorks.

(And then on Sunday, Rachel and Armey were seated next to each other on Meet the Press. Ten extra-special bonus points to whomever at MTP made that decision. The show is worth watching for several reasons, but Armey’s passive-aggressive refusal to make eye contact and grumpy references to mysterious “people who should get their facts straight” are the most hilarious. )

Rachel also noted that the Shirley & Banister PR firm has been so upset by her recent coverage of, um, facts, that they shot right past tizzy and went straight to hissy fit.

The clip is terrific. You’ll see some masterful dot-connecting and Rachel’s “Bring it” face.

Cao, Party of One

Rachel took some time to give props to Republican lawmakers who are taking a more moderate path in the health care debate.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington) came out against violence, calling President Obama “Hitler,” and vandalizing things with swastikas.

And as we thank her too, let’s take a moment to think about just how low we’ve set the bar for national discussions when coming out against these things is apparently a bold move. Limbo, anyone?

Rachel also spoke with Congressman Joseph Cao (Louisisana) who is, in spite of all the frothing, is planning to vote for the House reform bill. Cao has concerns about Federal funding for abortions, which means triple screaming, but he thinks people can work together to keep the discussion civil.

That is some impressive faith in humanity from a man who took over the Congressional seat of the guy who got caught storing wads of cash in his freezer.

Ms. Information

Rachel was all about awkward moments in Friday’s Ms. Information. Turns out a few people who are stalwartly, eternally against living wills on account of everyone will have to get Logan’s Run medallions implanted in their palms were, um, kind of for them before.

Also, John Rizzo has even less shame than you thought and the entire nation of Samoa is switching teams. You heard me.

The Next Big Lie?

Rachel noted that a big part of the strategy to block health care has had to do with threatening large groups that have the public sympathy: The elderly and the physically and mentally challenged.

Hmm. Can you think of another large group that has a great deal of public sympathy and definitely deserves the best possible care?

Oh, that’s right: It’s time to try to scare some veterans.

Rachel welcomed current Congressman and retired rear admiral Joe Sestak, (D – Pennsylvania) to help her call bullpuckey.

This one is getting debunked awfully quickly. I wonder what the next group that health care reform will definitely hurt will be… Girl Scouts? People who have knocked others out of the way of speeding buses? Puppies with floppy ears?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that think tank. “Dammit, Ron, I told you: 4-H Club medal winners are not sympathetic enough! Now start thinking outside the box on this one or start brushing up your résumé!”

GOP in Exile

You know what Congressman Paul Broun (R – Georgia) does not like? The health care reform bill.

He dislikes it because he knows it is Marxist and fascist at the same time, and because it requires us to kill all of our old people. Probably it will require us to save protected polar bears by sending all of our elderly loved ones out onto the open tundra with nothing but tea cozies to defend themselves.

So you can see how much someone would dislike something like that — or can you?

Just to make sure everyone at his town hall could see how much he dislikes the bill, Broun printed it up into three big binders and dropped them onto the floor.

So there.

Cocktail Moment

As you may recall, Rachel and staff did some extensive and disturbing reporting on The Family and the politicians who live and carry on affairs at their C Street house.

Well, CBN did a response story on C Street and… Goodness… Apparently those far-right politicians are even more irrepressively virile than we thought.

If you live in the D.C. area, you may want to invest in some protective gear.

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