“Brazil’s Next Top Model” Features Out Contestant Giovahnna


There’s an out model among the 20 semi-finalists competing for a spot on the third season of Brazil’s Next Top Model, the Brazilian version of the popular American reality show America’s Next Top Model: 18-year-old Giovahnna Ziegler from Rio de Janeiro.

On her official BrNTM profile, Giovahnna lists her girlfriend as one of her most ideal people; Wicked as her favorite book; James Dean as both her favorite hero and villain; Kate Moss as her fashion icon; and her mom as her primary source of happiness.

Some of the other contestants are initially taken aback by Giovahnna’s sexuality, according to promos for the show.

During the first gathering of the semi-finalists in San Paulo, Giovahnna’s reveals that her girlfriend is a “very jealous person, but she’s slowly learning that I’m a very quiet person.” Her surprised fellow contestants ask Giovahnna, “You have a girlfriend!?” (using language that connotes “girlfriend” in a romantic way) and “You have a woman girlfriend?” Another contestant responds, “No, she has a boy girlfriend!”

In Giovahnna’s audition video, shown here in Portuguese, she talks about how she’s a bit of a tomboy, likes to play soccer and videogames, and enjoys skateboarding and boxing:


Giovahnna is the granddaughter of Brazilian rock singer Lilian Knapp, who has had several hit songs — both as a solo artist and part of a group — from the ’60s through today.

BrNTM is very similar to ANTM in format, with Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Motta hosting as a contestant is eliminated each week based on a challenge and a photoshoot. The model left standing is crowned Brazil’s Next Top Model and receives a modeling contract and other prizes.

The new season of America’s Next Top Model, which debuts Sep. 9, also includes an openly gay contestant, Lulu.

In June, out lesbian Nanna Grundfeltd won the Finnish Top Model.

BrNTM debuts Sep. 10. Visit the official website for more photos and videos, and watch a preview of the season here in Portuguese:


Thanks to AE reader Kelly for the tip and the translations!

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