Fox’s “Reality Remix Really Awards”


Flavor of Love 2Fox Reality, the only all-reality TV channel (a dubious but likely lucrative distinction), held its first-ever “Reality Remix Really Awards”, which honored “the best in reality television with categories including the favorite fights, the hotties, the showmances and more!”

Not surprisingly, no lesbian or bi women were nominated, unless you count Pumpkin and New York from Flavor of Love 2, who won for “Favorite Fight”. But I prefer not to. After the awards show they made up by making out (pictured) – something else I prefer not to think about.

Overall, the list of nominees is fairly boring and predictable, although I did get a kick out of Will and Boogie from Big Brother: All Stars winning “Best Showmance”, and lesbian favorite Storm Large from Rock Star: Supernova was nominated in the Best Hottie category. She lost to Katherine McPhee from American Idol, if you can believe it.

On a side note: out lesbian Survivor: Vanuatu contestant Scout Cloud Lee is recapping the current season of Survivor on Alas, no sign of Ami Cusack.

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