America’s “Next Top Drag King”


tyra-banks-drag.jpgRemember when Tyra Banks posed as an obese woman by wearing a “fat suit” on her talk show? The Washington Post reports that she recently went undercover again, this time as a dude. It took 5 hours of preparation to get Tyra into convincing male drag for an episode of The Tyra Banks Show that will air on November 13. Equipped with a newly “muscular” body and enhanced facial features, Tyra was able to work her way into rapper Chingy’s posse as “Uncle Don.”

Her high voice eventually blew her cover with Chingy, but she was real enough to get some love from a groupie. After getting a kiss from a clueless young woman, Tyra said, “I was like, `Oh my gosh, that was really weird.’ She ran up and kissed me `cause she thought that kissing me would get her closer to Chingy.”

Those Top Model girls always have an excuse for their lesbian dalliances, don’t they?

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