“Saving Grace” takes “Lesbian Attack” literally


The episode of Saving Grace we told you about last month, “Looks Like a Lesbian Attack to Me,” aired last night. My one word review: Ick.

Not that it was all yucky. After all, Clea Duvall guest starred.

Caution — Spoilers ahead.

Duvall played Mara, a lesbian cop whose brother Ricky was murdered. She found the body, so is devastated. She is also quite bruised from what she tells Grace (Holly Hunter) is “a fight with a s—head.” Since Ricky was beaten to death, Mara becomes the main suspect.

In the course of the investigation, we meet Gillian (Karina Logue), Mara’s girlfriend, who plans “outings” (yes, that’s what she said) for the lesbian community.

For some unimaginable reason, Gillian thinks Grace is a lesbian and invites her to join the mailing list for the next “Lesbian Attack,” when lesbians take over a straight bar. I loved that Grace just smiled coyly and closed Gillian’s car door for her. Grace is so damn hot.

By this time, we have learned that Mara’s family is not too fond of Gillian, especially Ricky. Grace realizes that Gillian abuses Mara and probably is responsible for the murder. But she can’t prove it.

With the help of another lesbian cop, Millie (Rebecca Wisocky), Grace concocts a plan. She and her team go out after work to the bar that is unknowingly hosting a Lesbian Attack. Mara and Gillian are there and not getting along too well. When Mara gets upset and retreats to the bathroom, Grace follows. (As Florence and the Machines’ “A Kiss With a Fist” plays.) Let me just say that Grace knows how to make a girl feel better.

This was not a peck on the cheek, friends. Grace really kissed Mara. And when Gillian saw it, she beat Grace to within inches of her life. Thus, Gillian was arrested for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. With all the witnesses, she would be put away for life — and Grace would have time to prove that Gillian also killed Ricky.

With all that lesbianism, why do I think it was icky? Well, blood for one thing. Lots of it. And knocked out teeth, bashed in faces and other intense violence. Granted, blood is par for the course in Saving Grace, but it’s still icky.

More importantly, though, is that the lesbian relationship was abusive. And one of the lesbians was the murderer. Why won’t these stereotypes go away?

I will give Saving Grace credit for including some normal lesbians, and for a scene in which a newly blonde Rhetta (Laura San Giacomo) happily accepts a lesbian’s invitation to dance.

But ick. I was hoping for better. We deserve better.

What did you think of the episode? Was the Hunter/Duvall kiss enough to overshadow the stereotypical story? Or did the dysfunctional lesbian relationship bother you as much as it did me?

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