RachelWatch: A Fact-Free Diet


Today: More investigative reporting on the health care mobs and a debunking of Obama’s “death panel.”


Rachel started us off with the liberating news that I never again need to feel guilty about wasting time on Facebook trying to make my friends laugh with dumb-ass song references or childish jokes about ExtenZe commercials.

Why? Because Sarah Palin wastes time on Facebook implying that President Obama would like to kill her son for not being a productive member of society.

No, really.

Rachel masterfully segued from this hilarious bit of over-the-top lunacy to the very real, very disturbing fear campaign that’s being thrown at the health care debate.

Author Frank Schaeffer, one of the original architects of the religious right movement, joined Rachel to talk about coded language and where this is all going.

He is unfettered and fantastic.

Dempire Strikes Back

The Democrats are at last scrambling into response, even if they’re not exactly setting the world on fire with their inspiring message.

Well, fine. I’ll take earnest dorkery and wonking over mob rule any day.

Representative Anthony Weiner (D – New York), the hilarious Congressional rockstar who forced House Republicans to admit that Medicare is a government-run program and that they would sooner cut off their own ears than its funding, joined Rachel to talk about having town halls without thuggery.

Ms. Information

Rachel took some time to revisit the least funky riot in the history of the world, the “Brooks Brothers” riot that stopped the Florida recounts during the 2000 Presidential election.

(If you have a chance and need some giggles, I recommend watching the clip of the “riot” again. What the hey with the tall blond guy? Did anyone really explain a riot, or did someone just hand him bullet points? And how much would you pay to watch him on a dance floor?)

Anyway, you will be simply flabbergasted to learn that some of the people who participated in the fake riot back then are now helping to currently fund fake grassroots movements and stir up health care mobs now.

Oh, dear. I should have told you to sit down instead of just springing a surprise like that on you. Can I get you a cold compress for your forehead?

Rachel also noted that Senator Mel Martinez (R – Florida) resigned with no explanation during the Friday afternoon news dump slot.

One the one hand, I don’t want to wish ill on another human being, but on the other I am quivering like a sonic toothbrush in anticipation of finding out what’s really going on.

I mean, after this summer, news of a run-of-the-mill ho-hum extramarital affair or just plain money laundering won’t even make the back pages of the newspapers.

If he’s really worried that it’s so bad he has to just walk off the job, Martinez must have been flying into space with taxpayer dollars to have an affair with at least two different alien invasion leaders who have also accepted bonuses from AIG.

Or maybe he just wants to spend time with his family. Can’t. Wait.

This Way Out?

As you may have noticed, out situation with Pakistan is almost as complicated as our situation in Afghanistan. And since they have nukes and we aren’t at war with them but still send armed drones over to blow up stuff, you could make a good argument for replacing “almost as complicated as ” with “hella more complicated than.”

However, the U.S. military may have killed the top Taliban official in Pakistan. Hooray! Everything is going to unknot now and be totally easy to handle!

Also, everyone gets free cookies and a pony ride!

The situation is, if nothing else, very interesting. Rachel welcomed freelance journalist Nicholas Schmidle, author of To Live or To Perish Forever, to tell us that yes, this is sort of a victory, but it could also mean that there will be three or six new “top” Taliban officials.

So savor those cookies.

Rachel Re: It’s Not About Health Care

You know who gets mad at people who remove the facts from debates? Rachel Maddow.

Enjoy her celebration of shoe-leather journalism and then prepare yourself for the Wrath of Nerd.

Cocktail Moment

Good. Lord. Someone put an Xbox 360 that was autographed by Sarah Palin on eBay.

With a starting bid of $1,100,000.

Well, if it sells, we at least know what she resigned to do.

I think the price is totally worth it. I understand that if you play Halo on a Sarah Palin Xbox long enough, you get an actual halo.

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