Joey Lauren Adams falls for Buck on “United States of Tara”


Kevin Smith‘s Chasing Amy was one of the first “lesbian” movies I had ever seen. It was 1997, when Ben Affleck was Jennifer-less and Jason Lee had yet to be named Earl. And Joey Lauren Adams was an actress with a sexy, raspy voice who was not afraid to play gay on screen.

Even though she falls for Affleck in the film, she ends up back with a woman, so it’s not a terrible portrait of lesbianism or, perhaps, bisexuality. And now Adams will have another chance at sexual ambiguity on Showtime’s United States of Tara, playing a woman who falls for Buck, Tara’s male alter-ego.

Wow, gender bending can be so confusing.

When Tara (Toni Collette) is Buck, she’s a man’s man who hunts, drinks, swears and misogynist. On the second season of the series, Buck will end up meeting bartender Pammy (Adams), who EW reports is “warm and funny … and has a history of picking the wrong guys.” But apparently her “luck changes the day she meets Buck and falls head over heels in love.”

I don’t know about luck when it comes to Buck, considering he’s sharing Tara’s body with several other personalities.

Joey Lauren Adams is committed to at least three episodes of the new season, so it’ll be interesting to see how their romance plays out — and what Tara’s husband (John Corbett) will think of it when it returns in early 2010.

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