Save the cheerleader? Save yourself, girl!


Yes, I fully admit it: I am getting sucked into Heroes. My one quibble with this show is the fact that the female characters are totally getting shafted. I mean, we’ve got Niki Sanders, the internet stripper possibly possessed by a serial killer; Simone Deveaux, who seems to only mope around in the rain being heartbroken; and last but not least, Claire Bennet, indestructible cheerleader.

OK, let’s count the stereotypes we have here: Prostitute. Lovelorn lady. Popular peppy high school chick. Can one of these women wake up already and stop looking so freaked out that they have super powers and start saving the world? Why do all these men have to go and “save the cheerleader, save the world”? Can’t she save herself? She’s indestructible, for cryin’ out loud!

For an example of a serial drama with complex female leads, I suggest Heroes‘ producers look not to Lost (where I have to say I am a little tired of weepy Kate), but to Battlestar Galactica, which has got to be my favorite show now that Buffy‘s not on the air. No, none of the ladies on BSG are queer (so far), but I could care less about that as long as they continue to be the strong, smart, multi-faceted women they are. And yes, they are hot, too.

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