Lesbian couple rumored to be part of the new “Amazing Race”


I’m not one for crappy reality TV, (oh who am I kidding, I could watch Bret Michaels search for his Rock of Love until his wig needs a wig) but the folks over at The Amazing Race have piqued my interest with the cast of characters being proposed for its 15th season. Does anyone else hear the lesbian sirens calling?

According to the site Online Poker Scene, professional queen of hearts Tiffany Michelle is confirmed for the show.

I mean, who knew such hot girls played professional poker? Normally, when I think cards, I can only picture dogs smoking cigars while wearing visors. My mind is now blown and I’m thinking that while it still has got to be one of the most boring “sports” to watch, at least there’s something pretty to look at.

The site goes on to say, “Other unconfirmed reports have two Harlem Globetrotters, Miss America 2004, and a lesbian Cirque du Soleil couple appearing on the show. Each team boasts its own unique relationship such as couples, friends, brothers, sisters, mother and son, or father and daughter. The 14th cycle included the Amazing Race‘s first deaf contestant, Luke. It also featured Mike White, the writer behind School of Rock and Orange County.”

The show has also featured lesbian contestants in previous seasons.

A trapeze duo as part of Cirque de Soleil, most likely not the ones joining the show

Is it my birthday already? Lesbian Cirque du Soleil couple? The possibilities are endless and my mind is proving to be more flexible than I could ever imagine it to be!

I don’t think I can get to my DVR quickly enough, even if it’s just for one episode. Will you be tuning in to CBS when it debuts Sept. 27?

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