Kathy Griffin tackles Prop. 8 on “My Life on the D-List”


Last night on My Life On The D-List, Kathy Griffin tackled Prop. 8 and baked cookies with Melissa Etheridge‘s family.

The episode was filmed not longer after Prop. 8 passed in California, and Griffin introduced it like this:

You mess with my gays, you mess with me — but I need help. I need to talk to the power lesbians. They are tapped in. You know the power lesbians: they golf, they focus, they legislate. That’s right, I need to personally talk to Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy.

The best part of the scene is Griffin’s post-production narration. Over shots of Etheridge and Tammy baking cookies with their kids, Griffin says:

I walk into the kitchen and let me tell you something: Gay couples are really, really different. They’re so weird and bizarre, they may as well have had antennas. I was threatened by them and I could tell they didn’t follow the teachings of baby Jesus.

Next, Kathy was off to a class to learn how to canvas the community before the Prop. 8 rally.

She says she’s never actually been canvasing before because: a) She’s not a Jehovah’s Witness, and b) She’s too famous. Not surprisingly, they send Griffin out with an actual lesbian with some experience going door to door:

So, there’s this woman that’s coming along with me because they’re afraid of the s–t I’m going to say to bigots — and they should be.

Finally, Griffin gives a pretty rousing speech at a Prop. 8 march.

Normally I would be telling d–k jokes, but not tonight. You all remember the iconic film Norma Rae starring Sally Field where she fought for the rights of all of us to join the union? Well tonight as Norma Gay, I tell you, union is not enough! We demand marriage!

Say what you like about Kathy Griffin, but in her post-march interview when she said, “We know we’re not done” I really believed the “we” part.

Also last night, Jane Lynch — who I am beginning to believe is more ubiquitous than Ryan Seacrest — apparently made a guest appearance to bid on some lesbian cookies. My DVR mutilated it, so I didn’t get to see that bit, but you know our motto here at AfterEllen.com: The more Jane Lynch, the better.

Did anyone else watch Kathy Griffin’s Prop. 8 episode last night? What do you think about her as a straight ally?

Thanks to RDG for the tip!

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