Lucy Lawless and lesbians bring the sexy to the “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” trailer


Hey, remember when the makers of Spartacus: Blood and Sand said there would include lesbian characters? Um, they weren’t kidding. The trailer for the new Starz dramatic series premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. Let me tell you, this picture of series regular Lucy Lawless is the least racy thing about it.

The trailer is gory, and sexy, and gory some more. I really cannot over emphasize the gory part. So if you are at all squeamish about violence, blood or limb-loss, perhaps skip the trailer. If not, just be aware it’s somewhat NSFW. [Hat tip, Laura!]


Yes, I realize you’re thinking: “Hey, didn’t I see this movie? But wasn’t Lena Headey in it?” The comparisons to 300 are inescapable. The sprays of blood, the CGIed scenery, the sweaty shirtless men in sandals. But there are some noted differences. This is a show inspired by the real-life Roman slave, Spartacus, who in 73 B.C. led a revolt that grew to more than 120,000 fighters. And it has Lucy Lawless nearly robeless. Hello.

The series also says it will have more graphic sex and violence than 300. Which, if the trailer is any indication, isn’t an empty boast. Say hello to lady loving, antiquity style.

Hey, I thought I read Lucy’s character — the wife of the gladiator slave camp owner — wasn’t going to be gay? Or perhaps this is just a therapeutic massage.

And then, just in case those first two were too ambiguous, there’s this. (We’ve covered everyone up for modesty’s sake. This is an all-ages site, after all and ancient Rome was decidedly NC-17.)

The series comes with some serious pedigree behind the scenes. The show is produced by Xena: Warrior Princess producers Rob Tapert (Lawless’s real-life husband) and Sam Raimi. Angel producer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Steven S. DeKnight serves as showrunner.

Australian actor and relative newcomer Andy Whitfield plays Spartacus with Dante’s Cove and Bitch Slap! alum Erin Cummings as Spartacus’ wife.

I think they should have named this thing Spartacus: Blood and Skin — because I think I see just as much of it as I do sand in the preview. It premieres January 2010.

So, what do you think? Too gory? Too racy? Or are you just frantically wondering if you get the Starz channel right about now?

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