Heather West of “Hell’s Kitchen” defends Gordon Ramsay


Following his ill-advised tirade on Australian television personality Tracy Grimshaw, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay issued an apology for referring to Grimshaw as a “lesbian” and a “pig.” While many feminists could do without Ramsay, especially after that incident, out Hell’s Kitchen winner Heather West thinks we should give him a break.

For those who don’t remember the controversy, on June 5, Ramsay told a large audience that Grimshaw was “a lesbian,” according to the Sunday Herald Sun. Apparently, he didn’t say it in a positive way:

When the crowd reacted with gasps, he said, “What? I’m not saying she’s a dyke,” using a slur for gay women. Ramsay also showed a picture of a woman — who appeared to be naked — on her hands and knees with the features of a pig and multiple breasts. “That’s Tracy Grimshaw,” he told the audience. “I had an interview with her yesterday. Holy crap. She needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.”

In a recent interview, West said the media twisted Ramsay’s words, making it sound worse than it really was:

He did not call her a lesbian. He did call her a pig, and later apologized to her. He has never had a problem with it. In fact, all three sous chefs on the show have been lesbians and he has many other lesbians working for him. He’s always been cool with it.

While being “cool with it” is just fine, it doesn’t exactly mean he’s homophobia-free — and certainly doesn’t excuse his comments. I get the vibe that West has accepted Ramsay’s verbal diarrhea as part of his personality, as many Hell’s Kitchen viewers have as well.

West said:

It’s just like any rumor that gets started. It’s the game of telephone. And however it happened and whether someone twisted it and it got out that way, I can tell you that he never treated me any differently or had any problem with me being a lesbian.

We certainly don’t have a problem with West being a lesbian. Unfortunately, she also said that dating has not been going so well for her lately.

I just feel like I keep meeting girls who are out of their freaking minds. Especially in LA. Oh my god. I have met some winners here, let me tell you. They’re all actresses too … They are pretty self-centered and they don’t want to get tied down because they always think there’s someone better coming around next.

Something better? Than a super hot, successful woman who can make delicious food? Pshhh. She’s just been dating the wrong ladies.

Aside from surviving being single and defending Mr. Ramsay, West, the first openly lesbian winner of a reality TV show, has been keeping busy. She is now cooking at Dish Restaurant in La Canada, Ca , trying to increase her number of Twitter followers and getting involved in more gay events as well.

Ramsay may have a foul mouth, but he certainly picked a winner there.

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