RachelWatch: Rachel Fact Checks Pat Buchanan


Today: Rachel looks at health care and this crazy thing called “the truth.”

Operation Iraqi Baseball

Rachel opened the show with an update on Operation Iraqi Baseball and a thank you for the generous and speedy donations of bats, batting gloves, cleats, jerseys, and even shipping costs to Baghdad.

Here’s to some heartwarming international summer fun.

Until they hit the part in the rulebook about the infield fly rule. Iraqi baseballers, if it doesn’t seem incredibly complicated, you haven’t translated it right.


Rachel reported that, sadly, we have video confirmation that Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl has been captured by the Taliban.

Rachel looked at the propaganda video he’s been forced to make, and at the unbelievable reaction of retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.

Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America dropped in to try to help Rachel sort it all out.

Open Wide and Say Nah

Have you ever heard Rachel’s imitation of Senator Jim DeMint (R – South Carolina)? It’s surprisingly good.

Which is the last time you’ll hear the word “good” regarding the health care debate.

But you will get to hear Michael Steele doing that thing where he apparently prepares a pat answer ahead of time but then forgets to wonder what the follow-up question might be.

I cannot believe it is 2009 and the argument “We can’t actually give all our citizens access to reliable health care because COMMIES!” is actually working.

Republicans, I know we get the government we deserve and all and many people have given you no reason to, but just for giggles couldn’t you at least think of new boogeymen?

I’m bored with hearing that great chunks of the population have to go to the emergency room for care because it’s the only thing holding back the Red Menace. Can’t you spice things up a little bit?

“You can’t get covered for that pre-existing condition because if you do the Canadian Mounted Police will just come pouring over the border!” Ooh, scary! See?

Please. Work with me.

Ms. Information

Rachel noted that the report on the plan to close Guantanamo will be a little bit late. Assuming you’re counting “a little bit” in glacial time.

Rachel them moved on to the Birthers, who for some reason are getting the kind of traction that the Undersea Nazi UFO folks can only dream of.

Not to mention the lung power. Birthers are clambering their way into Republican politics, with no sign of stopping. Or getting quieter.

Have fun at the next convention, thinking conservatives!

C Street Band

Speaking of people who are not getting quieter, Governor Mark Sanford (R – South Carolina but not his passions) wrote an op-ed this week about how his affair has made him a better husband and man and DUDE: Shut up for 30 seconds.

If he’s such a great family man now, why can’t be a stand-up guy and let his family drop the hell out of the news?

If you’ll recall, Sanford got “counseling,” which may or may not mean “a love nest,” at C Street.

Now other C Street residents and alumni are leaping into the news to say that C Street is a perfectly ordinary super-secret church that consolidates political power, moves around large amounts of money, and helps out with the occasional extramarital HEY! Look over there!

In the continuing snowballing of C Street-related heebie-jeebies, Rachel and reporter Jeff Sharlet creeped the living hell out of everyone with the story of Representative Todd Tiahrt (R – Kansas), who used to be obsessed with the idea that Christians had to maintain a faster birth rates than Muslims to “win,” and is currently being groomed for Senator.

For extra bonus nerve-twanging points, they introduced us to the phrase “totalitarianism of Christ.” Thanks for the restful sleep this week, Rachel!

Rachel Re: It’s Not True, Pat

As you may recall, on Thursday night Rachel had a heated discussion with noted racist Pat Buchanan.

While she wouldn’t rehash their argument without him on the air (And thank you, for Ms. Maddow, for not bringing him back on the air), Rachel did feel obligated to correct some of his misstatements.

If you do nothing else today, at least watch the end of this clip. Rachel and staff have a document that puts Mr. Buchanan and his affirmative action position in perspective with a clarity that is either sad or hilarious, depending on your mood.

I’m going with hilarious.

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