Padma Lakshmi wants to cook up some laughs


Padma Lakshmi is many things. Chef. Model. Host. Author. Emmy nominee. Jewelry designer. Hamburger devourer. Stopper of the segment of my brain that controls speech. But here’s one that you don’t often hear: Padma Lakshmi, funny lady.

Still, that is what the Top Chef hostess with the mostest could be known as next after signing a development deal with NBC for her own sitcom. According to Variety, the show — possibly called Single Serving — will star Padma as a woman working in the culinary world.

Now, I can’t vouch for Padma’s comedy chops, since the only kind of chops I’ve ever seen her with are of the pork variety; but I do know that if Padma is going to be on my TV, I am going to watch whether it’s a sitcom, drama, police procedural, sci-fi adventure or episode of Ice Road Truckers.

Plus it’s not like Padma is a newbie in front of the camera. Besides her work on Top Chef, Padma’s film/TV credentials include the ABC miniseries The Ten Commandments, an episode of Enterprise, the romantic comedy The Mistress of Spices and the Mariah Carey not-quite-movie-star-making vehicle Glitter.

So, are you with me? Are you ready for ha, Padma, ha instead of mmm, Padma, mmm?

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