Annalynne McCord hopes to hook up with Rumer Willis on “90210”


Remember when Kelly and Donna went to a lesbian bar last first on the new 90210? Then there was the bisexual cheerleader Christina that Dixon was flirting with before finding out she has a girlfriend in the choir.

Well it’s a good thing we know they’re comfortable with gal pals because then we found out Rumer Willis will be joining the cast this season, guest starring as Gia, “a punky cute lesbian” who joins Navid, Adrianna and Silver as part of the school’s news show, Blaze News.

Annalynne McCord, who plays queen bitch Naomi, had this to say about her hopes for Rumer’s character:

Naomi gets drunk, and she gets a little crazy. Liam’s watching. Naomi wants to experiment. And then a little lip-on-lip action with Rumer Willis can’t hurt anybody, right? How fabulous would that be. They totally need to make it happen!

Um, no, they totally do not need to make that happen and if Gia is the type of lesbian they’re trying to make her out to be, they better not let that happen. The last thing any tween show needs is an act of flexosexual behavior that paints the act as someone “getting a little crazy” and kissing another girl just to gain a dude’s attention.

Also, if anyone is going to kiss it’s going to be Silver and me. Oops I mean, Silver and Adrianna (please).

McCord also told the press that she thinks Rumer “is awesome” and “obviously, you know, I kind of have a girl crush on her mom so its good to have her.”

Way to squash all those lesbian rumors, Annalynne.

So far, the show has only confirmed Gia for one episode, and it looks like nothing about her sexuality is even part of the scenes she’s in.

I have a few things to say about this Gia character. First of all, of course the character’s name is Gia. The only thing that would’ve made her name more gay is if it were “Hornito” (for obvious reasons). At the very least, it is a shout out to the movie that first gave us some Angelina Jolie nudity. Thank you for that.

Secondly, and I hate to be mean, but as far as casting goes, Rumer was an obvious but disappointing choice. She isn’t conventionally beautiful; she dresses kind of weirdly and is a constant target of Perez Hilton. I can’t wait for the hate mail to start coming my way for that comment.

You know, maybe it’s not the casting but the overly obvious character description. “Cute and punky lesbian.” Ten dollars says they give her a giant nose ring and an ironic haircut and call it good.

Oh, and she will be angsty, mark my words! She will be the gay version of the gorgeous Silver, who should really be the gay character anyway.

What do you think? Will Rumer’s guest appearance make you more likely to tune in? Do you want Gia and Naomi to hook up? And whatever happened to the bisexual cheerleader?

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