TV Alert: Tricia Helfer shows up on “Warehouse 13” tonight


I finally caught the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 Friday and was pleasantly surprised.

To be honest, I tried to watch the new Syfy (lower case “f,” please) pilot earlier in the week and it didn’t grab me. I’m sure glad I gave it another go.

Warehouse 13 is sort of a cross between The X-Files and Eureka, with a dash of Lost. thrown in for good measure.

It has the hot-investigators-with-chemistry factor similar to Scully and Mulder, but with the lighter sort of weirdness that makes Eureka so much fun to watch. And like TV’s most famous island, “America’s Attic” is peripatetic.


Intrigued? You can watch the two-hour first episode at And you might want to do that today so you can be caught up when tonight’s episode airs. Why? Two words: Tricia Helfer.



Tonight’s episode, “Resonance,” guest stars Helfer and trust me, that woman can rock a power suit. Here’s a clip.


Warehouse 13 airs Tuesday 9 p.m. ET on Syfy; episodes are posted to Hulu the next day.

Have you watched Warehouse 13? What do you think? Does Helfer give you added incentive to watch?

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