Two female roommates share a bed and some kisses on “The Real World: Cancun”


I used to be a huge fan of The Real World, and watched every season, no matter where it was being filmed. However, now that it’s in it’s 22nd “cycle” (as Tyra Banks would call it), I have to say that I am out of touch with what is going on in The Real World right now. And by “real,” I mean the bizarre reality TV fish bowl that the rotating castmates all live in.

The latest set of seven strangers live in Cancun, and they just met, as tonight is only the third episode. Already, though, the housemates are getting close, including Ayiiia and Emilee, who appear to love one another as much as they love extra vowels in their names.

Take a look at tonight’s preview:

I’m not completely sure, but it does appear that alcohol played a role in this.

From what I can tell, 22-year-old Hooters waitress/model Ayiiia and 21-year-old Hooters waitress Emilee (I’m not joking — they both are employed at the house of wings) are straight (and plan to stay that way), so tonight’s escapades could be a ploy for camera time or some other kind of attention.

Considering we know so little about these people so far, it’s hard to tell, but the way they miss each other’s lips completely when they first go to kiss in the confessional gives me a pretty good idea that things between the two women will end before tomorrow’s hangover begins. With the two women having to live together after the fact, there’s probably a good chance they won’t be so close after it’s all over.

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