“Lesbian Attack” scheduled for “Saving Grace”


If you don’t watch Saving Grace, you probably think the show already has a lesbian character.

Or two.

But, alas, Holly Hunter’s Grace is very, very straight. She loves men and she loves sex with men. And she is not shy about doing what — and whom — she loves.

Thanks to AfterEllen.com reader indie, we know that a few women-loving women are going to show up on Grace (heh) in August. A casting call for an episode entitled “Looks Like A Lesbian Attack To Me” leaked last week and among the characters are three lesbians.

For “Mara,” the call is for a 26 to 32 year-old Caucasian with dark hair to play an Oklahoma police officer and lesbian. We’re not sure at first whether she’s a suspect in the episode’s murder or not, but she is hiding an abusive relationship with her live-in girlfriend. The girlfriend, “Gillian,” is in her early 30s, “an attractive, fair-haired, sophisticated and manipulative Oklahoma woman.” She runs a party planning service for lesbians, Girl’s Night Out. At one point, she thinks she sees Mara kissing another woman and flies into a violent rage.

Don’t hate me, but I have to get a casting thought out of my head before I can go on.

The other lesbian is “Millie,” a late 30s to early 40s Caucasian Oklahoma City police officer who trained Mara. She’s an “out lesbian and party girl” on friendly terms with Grace. I’d love to see this part go to Kathy Griffin, especially if Sam and Lindsay are Mara and Gillian. Can you imagine?

Of course, another way to go, assuming the character descriptions are flexible, is a Tibette reunion, with Jennifer Beals as Officer Mara and Laurel Holloman as Gillian. I’ll let you ponder that for a moment.

And why not cast Pam Grier as Millie? I mean, we know she can rock a uniform.

But if Millie has to be Caucasian for some reason, we could still stay in the L family.

Think of it — Kelly Lynch training Jennifer Beals in the ways of the police officer — uh, where was I?

OK, as much as I dislike the thought of yet another dysfunctional lesbian relationship on TV, I have hopes that Saving Grace will somehow make it a normal kind of dysfunctional. In any case, the casting possibilities are endless. That’s where you come in. Who would make the best lesbian threesome, er, trio for Saving Grace?

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