Holby City recap (26.52): It’s Only Love If It Hurts


Last Time on Holby City: At the beginning of the episode, Serena joked with Bernie about mixing her sleeping pills with wine, but reassured her partner that she was joking when Bernie became concerned. Things take a turn for the worse when Serena found out that her daughter’s heart was transplanted into a patient at Holby. After the patient died, it sent Serena into a tailspin and resulted in her telling Jasmine that she’d rather Jasmine had died as opposed to Ellie. Ouch.


Throughout 2017, Serena (Catherine Russell) and Bernie’s (Jemma Redgrave) relationship has been put on the back burner, while Serena has dealt with the death of her daughter, Ellie’s. As such, the majority of Serena’s storylines have focused on her feud with Jasmine (Lucinda Dryzek), who she unfairly blames for Ellie’s death.

Holby City really did the storyline justice, by refusing to force Serena to get over Ellie’s death in just a few episodes, which most shows tend to do. They let her grief bleed over, charting the ups and downs of the emotional rollercoaster that is losing a child.

In tonight’s episode, everything is brought to a head and nothing will ever be the same again.


When the episode opens, Bernie, Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw), and Jasmine are running up the stairs to the hospital roof desperate to find Serena.  When they reach the door to the roof, its stuck so Fletch calls for security to come and open the door.

Bernie notices that Serena’s leopard print do-rag is in the stairwell and fears that it may be too late by the time security gets there, so she starts throwing herself against the door, screaming Serena’s name.



Bernie: “Serena.”


As the door gives way, the audience is transported back to the start of the day, where we see Serena on the roof smoking. She appears to take offence at a pigeon, yelling at it to fly off, before dropping her cigarette on the floor and crushing it beneath her shoe. The camera then pans down ominously towards the concrete below.



Serena: “Go on, fly.”


While Serena is on her smoke break, Jasmine talks to Bernie about her mentor’s behavior; specifically, the “I wish you were dead” comment. Bernie advises that Jasmine stays out of Serena’s way, but the younger doctor confesses that she’s becoming increasing scared of Serena’s behavior. Bernie assures Jasmine that she will speak to Serena on her behalf but that they need to get on with the task at hand; removing a nail from a builder’s leg.



Jasmine: “What am I supposed to do?”

Bernie: “Your job.”



When Serena comes down from the roof, Bernie goes over to check on her partner. She asks if Serena has been smoking which the brunette denies until Bernie notes that she can smell the smoke on Serena.



Serena: “Pot, Kettle, darling.”

Bernie: “But I smoke. You don’t.”

Serena: “Shoot me then.”

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